A new way of understanding nutrition, the science that studies the relationship
between genes, nutrition and health.

Incorrect nutrition can be the cause of many health problems such as overweight, autoimmune,
inflammatory, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, etc.
The genetic profile has an impact on the body’s response to the bioactive components of food by influencing their absorption, metabolism, and site of action.

"We are what we eat"

And you can choose what you eat, the answer is in your genes.

Did you know?

Micro and macronutrient deficiencies often manifest themselves in non-specific signs such as fatigue, irritability, and bloating.

Worldwide, almost 40% of adults are overweight and 10-15% are obese.

  • Scientific evidence has established that a healthy, personalized diet increases life expectancy and helps prevent disease.
  • Up to 80% of chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, could be prevented by lifestyle improvements such as healthier and personalized dietary intake, physical activity, and nutritional supplements.

What does our NutriVi nutrigenetics test analyze?

Micro and macronutrient deficiencies often manifest themselves in non-specific signs such as fatigue, irritability, and bloating.

NutriVi analyses your genetic predisposition to :

  • overweight or obesity;
  •  emotional eating;
  •  elevated triglyceride values;
  • risk of type II diabetes;
  •  vitamin and mineral deficiency;
  • lactose and fructose intolerance, etc;
  • celiac disease;
  •  and others.

What does the NutriVi test offer?

Our test combines the analysis of 109 genetic predispositions related to health and nutrition (obesity, diabetes, celiac disease, responses to exercise and interventional diets, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, etc..) with relevant patient history (intolerances, diseases, medications, blood pressure, physical activity and habits, etc.).


  • By analyzing 384 genetic variations, you will receive a comprehensive report that will help you better understand your body and how to give it the nutrients it needs;
  • a food plan tailored to your genetic predispositions;
  • Specialist consultation with our nutritionist;
  • it’s a once-in-a-lifetime test, your genetic information doesn’t change over the years;

Personalized nutrition is the development of a healthy eating plan adapted to your health, lifestyle, and genetics, using information obtained from our test.


How can I perform the NutriVi test?

Step 1

Contact the laboratory for information about the Nutrivi test.

Step 2

Go to the laboratory to collect a sample (buccal cells)

Step 3

Your results will be available on the patient portal at

Why should I try the NutriVi test?

This test can be beneficial for several reasons:

Personalizing your diet:

The NutriVi test can provide you with information about how your metabolism processes different types of nutrients, such as carbohydrates, fats, or proteins. This can help customize your diet to better suit your individual needs, thus helping to maintain or improve your health.

Weight loss:

The NutriVi test will give you information about the potential predisposition a person may have to accumulate fat or resist weight loss. This information can help develop a more effective and personalized weight loss plan.

Optimizing sports performance:

For athletes and active people, the NutriVi test can provide clues as to which types of nutrients can help improve sports performance and faster recovery after exercise.

Disease prevention:

Knowing your genetic predisposition to certain diet-related conditions, such as lactose intolerance or gluten sensitivity, can help you avoid these foods or manage them more effectively in your diet.

Food allergy management:

NutriVi can identify potential predispositions to food allergies or intolerances, helping to avoid foods that could cause adverse reactions.

Optimizing intake of essential nutrients:

NutriVi can provide information about the body's ability to absorb and utilize different nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals. This can help optimize vitamin and mineral intake through diet or supplements.

Preventing chronic diseases:

By understanding the genetic predisposition to certain chronic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes or heart disease, preventive measures can be taken through dietary and lifestyle changes.

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