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How can genetic testing be beneficial for me?

Genetic testing can provide a diagnosis for a clinically suspected disease and can assess both your risk and your children’s risk of having a genetic condition by analysing changes in DNA.

•It can confirm the clinical diagnosis and provide information about the likely course of disease, prognosis, and most suitable treatment.
•It can detect predisposition to certain genetic diseases.
•It can accurately predict the possibility of you passing onchanges in your DNA to your children. That is why it is always highly recommended to get preconception tests done. This also applies to IVF procedures or early pregnancy.
•It can screen newborn children for a number of treatable conditions.
•It can help you and your doctor select the best and most effective treatment.

How do I know if I need to get genetic testing done?

Your doctor may recommendgenetic tests in the following cases:
•you have symptoms of a genetic condition and are seeking a definite diagnosis
•youhave a family history of genetic disease
•you are planning to have a baby.

It is very important once you do decide to get tested to understand the benefits as well as the possible result types you can obtain and their meaning.

CytoGenomic’s genetic counsellors will support you in your decision.

They will listen to you, answer questions,ease concerns, and offer step-by-step guidance throughout the testing process.
Getting genetic testing should be your choice.

How do I benefit if I get genetic tests done?

Genetic testing can be either diagnostic or prognostic, or both by generating highly accurate results that will allow you, your family and doctor to make informed and targeted decisions with regard to:

•The best management of your disease
•Most suitable additional testing (if necessary) and treatment options
•Future health and lifestyle changes
•Future family planning

At the same time, conclusive test results eliminate a high degree of uncertainty surrounding health issues.

Which types of genetic tests does CytoGenomic offer?

CytoGenomiclab carries out:

•Genetic diagnostic tests that are suitable when clinical examination hints toward an inherited disorder
•Preimplantation diagnosis of hereditary genetic conditions recommended for couples undergoing fertility treatment in order to test the genetic profiling of embryos prior to implantation, an daimed at improving success rates, treating infertility, and ensuring the birth of unaffected children
•Genetic screening tests assessing targeted variants that may find you to be a healthy carrier of a genetic condition, which would mean that there is a possible risk for your children to actually be affected
•Metabolic screening tests that quantify certain biochemical markers to identify the possibility of a newborn being affected by a genetic condition before the onset of specific symptoms
•Biochemical screening during pregnancy that indicates the risk of the fetus being affected by a genetic condition, as well as your risk of developing pre-eclampsia (predisposition to life-threatening proteinuria and high blood pressure).

I want to get genetic tests done. Why should I choose CytoGenomic?

•We have extensive clinical and scientific experience.
•We have a highly specialised team of medical experts, geneticists, biochemists, and molecular biologists working on your tests and results.
•We stand by your side offering individual support before, during, and after testing.
•Our up-to-date lab employs the latest in technology, producing certified results of the highest accuracy based on international standards of quality.
•We offer a speedy result time.
•Our genetic tests are comprehensive, covering a wide range of conditions.
•Our test results are highly accurate thanks to the use of the latest bioinformatic tool scombined with well-researched interpretation by our qualified and experienced team of scientists and clinicians.
•Our methods and training are up to date. CytoGenomic’s scientific and medical team keeps abreast of the latest scientific and technological developmentsin the field of genetics and genomics.
•We respect your privacy. CytoGenomic is committed to the highest bioethics principles and strictly adheres to GDPR regulations which are specifically designed to protect you and your interests.

How will I be able to understand the results of these tests?

Our key priority at CytoGenomic is to make sure you feel safe, confident, and informed.

That is why we offer step-by-step guidance from beginning to end, whether you decide to get the tests done, or not.
Our highly qualified team of genetic counsellors will provide you with all the relevant information and answer all your questions.

At the same time, our counsellors also work closely together with your doctor to discuss further screening options, or identify the most effective form of treatment, or follow-up measures.